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Introductory Book on Bumblebees

Introductory Book on Bumblebees

₹ 613.00

Author(s):Dr. Rohit K Nayak and Dr. Kiran Rana
Publication Year:2022
Binding:Paper Back


The book entitled “Introductory Book of Bumblebee” is written by Dr Rohit Kumar Nayak and Dr Kiran Rana.

As we know, most of the crops require the adequate pollination for food production. Honey bees are dominating insect pollinators in open environment condition not in closed environment. To complete the pollination needs in the closed environment like polyhouses, we have an efficient alternate insect pollinator i.e. bumble bee. Bumble bees known for their long working hours from early morning to late evening, actively forage at low temperature and low light intensities. This book includes all the basic aspects of bumble bee and their importance in our crop production. This book is intended to help both teacher and students in the study of crop pollination through bumble bee.

The content of the book is as follows:

History, distribution and taxonomy of bumblebee, Bumblebee species, Bumblebee castes, Morphology and anatomy of bumblebee, Life cycle of bumblebee, Domestication of bumblebees, Different types of domicile for bumblebee, Identification of male and female bumblebees, Pests and diseases of bumblebee, How to mark and measure the bumblebee, Pollination and benefits of bumblebees pollinator, Integrated crop pollination and Bumblebees in crisis. This book also includes the some interesting notes, terminology and multiple choice questions related to bumblebees.