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Elementary Plant Biochemistry for Agriculture

Elementary Plant Biochemistry for Agriculture

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Author(s):Dr. S. Alagendran PDF (UNAM, MX), Dr. M. Veeraragavan, Mrs. S. Saratha, Dr. A. Senthilkumar, Dr. V.G. Renganathan and Dra. Gabriela Fernandez Savedra
Publication Year:2022
Binding:Paper Back


The branch of science discipline explores the chemical processes within and associated with living organisms. Biochemistry is a vital emerging field in the plants, medical, animal, and agricultural sciences. The biochemical system of the plant in amalgamating assorted components is necessary for improvement looked-for in the areas of agriculture in the vein of Genetics and plant breeding, plant protection, Nutrition, and plant physiology. The elements of biochemistry in the field of agriculture are used to convey the biochemical reactions coupled with plant and animal growth, to expose the prospect of controlling those reactions, and to increase the chemical products that will be endowed with the desired aid or control. Biochemical substances in terms of basic primary metabolites like carbohydrates, Fatty acids, Amino acids, Assimilation of N2, Plant respiration, transpiration, acidity and alkalinity, nutrition, Plant and animal hormones, and chemical analysis via the biochemical appliance. The comprehension and technique developed by biochemists are applied in all fields of Plant traditional medicine, agriculture, and many chemical and health-related approaches. Biochemistry is also unique in moralizing, teaching, and research in Plant – plant interaction, microbial interaction, Confirmatory of protein structure in relation to folding, and genetic manipulations.