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Emerging Trends in Medical Sciences (Volume - 4)

Emerging Trends in Medical Sciences (Volume - 4)

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Chief Editor:Dr. Shishirkumar C Naik
Publication Year:2022
Binding:Paper Back


The book entitled "Emerging Trends in Medical Sciences (Volume - 4)" is edited by Dr. Shishirkumar C Naik.


The content of the book is as follows:


  • Controlling Parasitic Diseases of Pigs Contributes to the Control of Parasitic Human Diseases in a Pig Industry Arena
  • Hepatoprotective Effect of Red Palm Oil on Paracetamol Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats
  • Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor in Parotid Gland - A Rare and Unusual Case
  • Understanding and Psychosocial Treatment of Schizoid Personality Disorder: A Cognitive Behavioral, Psychoanalytical and Bio Energetic Analysis Approach
  • COVID 19 Vaccines in India - Current Status and Way Forward
  • Crux of Human Health and Disease: Exposomes