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Essence of Spices and Condiments

Essence of Spices and Condiments

₹ 745.00

Author(s):Dr. Ravi Kiran Thirumdasu
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


The textbook, Essence of Spices and Condiments, is one of its’ kind, provided with crisp and point-wise information about spice crops as per the ICAR syllabus. Importance, uses, botany, production technology, post-harvest handling, processing, value addition and varieties of various crops were discussed in respective chapters of Major spices, Tree spices, Seed spices, Bulb spices, Herbal spices and Unique spices. Introductory aspects and Industrial aspects were also described in the textbook.
The book attracts the attention of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students and helps them to secure good academic score in Semester/JRF/SRF/NET examination