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Recent Trends in Plant Protection

Recent Trends in Plant Protection

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Editors:Sachin Kumar Yadav, Saurabh Kumar, Dr. Anuj Shakya, Prince Sahu and Shailja Jaiswal
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


Plant protection is an essential aspect of agriculture and horticulture. It involves various measures to prevent, control, and manage plant diseases and pests that can cause significant losses in crop yield and quality.
There are many books available on plant protection, covering topics such as plant pathology, entomology and integrated pest management. These books provide in-depth information on the various aspects of plant protection, including the identification and diagnosis of plant diseases and pests, the biology and ecology of pests, and the use of chemical and non-chemical control measures.
Whether you are a student, researcher, or practitioner in the field of agriculture or horticulture, a good book on plant protection is an essential resource to have in your library. It can provide valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to protect and manage plants effectively, and ultimately increase crop productivity and profitability.
The purpose of the book is to make plant protection easier to understand and to help readers appreciate the subject matter through concepts based on the curricula of several agricultural universities as well as other universities where plant pathology and Entomology is offered as a minor course. I genuinely believe that this book will help beginners understand the fundamentals of plant protection quickly and effectively. The constructive criticism and insightful suggestions from readers, especially students and instructors, about how to enhance the book are always greatly appreciated and will be incorporated into later editions.