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Plant Breeding and Genetics - Present concepts and Approaches (Volume - 3)

Plant Breeding and Genetics - Present concepts and Approaches (Volume - 3)

₹ 1,425.00

Editors:Dr. Padmakar Balasaheb Wadikar, Aavula Naveen, Dr. Madhuri Pradhan, Aditya Pratap Singh and Sourav Kumar Moharana
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


Plant breeding and genetics have played a crucial role in shaping the world we inhabit today. From the earliest civilizations to our modern society, the cultivation of plants and the deliberate selection of desirable traits have been fundamental to human survival and progress. The remarkable advancements in agriculture and the vast array of crop varieties we enjoy owe their existence to the relentless pursuit of understanding plant genetics and applying innovative breeding techniques. The book you hold in your hands, "Plant Breeding and Genetics - Present Concepts and Approaches," delves into the captivating realm of plant genetics and the intricate science of plant breeding. It serves as a comprehensive guide to the current concepts, methodologies, and breakthroughs in this dynamic field. Its purpose is to equip researchers, students, and enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle the challenges of feeding an ever-growing global population, adapting to environmental changes, and improving the quality and nutritional value of our food. The book also provides a comprehensive overview of various breeding approaches, from classical methods to cutting-edge techniques. We explore the art of phenotypic selection, the power of hybridization, the utility of marker-assisted selection, and the promises of genomic selection and gene editing. Throughout the chapters, we highlight real-world case studies, highlighting successful breeding programs and the impact they have had on crop productivity, disease resistance, and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, this book acknowledges the ethical and societal dimensions of plant breeding and genetics. It encourages readers to contemplate the potential consequences of genetic manipulation and the responsible use of advanced technologies in agriculture. We must ensure that as we push the boundaries of scientific progress, we do so with caution, mindfulness, and a deep understanding of the ecological and social implications.