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Modern Technologies in Sustainable Farming

Modern Technologies in Sustainable Farming

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Editors:Dr. Arushi Yadav, Abhishek Yadav, M. Suguna, Jony Kumar and Durgesh Kumar Maurya
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


Welcome to a journey through the frontiers of sustainable farming, where tradition meets innovation. "Modern Technologies in Sustainable Farming" is a book of knowledge that illuminates the path toward a more eco-conscious and efficient agricultural future. From "Integrated Farming System" to "Organic Farming: A Way Forward," we explore methods that harmonize human needs with ecological balance. "Biochar in Agriculture" unveils a transformative approach to soil health, while "Drone Technology" and "Remote Sensing" empower farmers with precise insights. "Precision Agriculture" reshapes farming's landscape, while "Vermicompost" harnesses nature's recycling prowess. Finally, "Packaging Techniques of Horticultural Crops" ensures that the bounty of sustainable farming reaches consumers in optimal condition. This book is a tribute to those who envision a greener, healthier world through sustainable agriculture. Whether you are a farmer, researcher, or simply an advocate for a more sustainable future, this volume offers the tools and knowledge to help nurture the growth of modern, sustainable farming practices. Welcome to the future of farming.