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Recent Research Trends in Pharmaceutical Science (Volume - 3)

Recent Research Trends in Pharmaceutical Science (Volume - 3)

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Chief Editor:Dr. Kratika Daniel
Co-editor:Prof. M. Deepa
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


The book entitled "Recent Research Trends in Pharmaceutical Science (Volume - 3)" is edited by Dr. Kratika Daniel and Prof. M. Deepa.


The content of the book is as follows:


  • Isothermal Microcalorimetry
  • Advances in Transungual Drug Delivery Systems: Exploring Novel Approaches for Effective Treatment of Nail Disorders
  • Nanosponge: A Potential Nanocarrier for Novel Drug Delivery System
  • The Power of QSAR: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery
  • Nanoscale Cubosomes: Versatile Self-Assembled Carriers for Drug Delivery and Beyond
  • Edible Vaccines for Global Health: A New Frontier in Immunization
  • Zebra Fish: A Futuristic Model for Toxicity Studies & Novel Target for Drug Discovery
  • Through the Womb: A Systematic Review of Transplacental Drug Delivery Approaches and Challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence's Role in Ovarian Cancer Detection Advances, Obstacles, and Future Directions