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Emerging Trends in Agriculture Sciences (Volume - 15)

Emerging Trends in Agriculture Sciences (Volume - 15)

₹ 743.00

Chief Editor:Dr. Yad Vir Singh
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


The book entitled "Emerging Trends in Agriculture Sciences (Volume - 15)" is edited by Dr. Yad Vir Singh.


The content of the book is as follows:


  • Application of Remote Sensing on Natural Resource Management
  • Vineyard Management using Internet of Things: An Intelligent Solution to Improve the Yield and Quality of Grape Production
  • Site Specific Nutrient Management: An Overview and Its Relevance to Precision Agriculture
  • Process of Humus Formation and Its Role in Soil Fertility
  • Hybrid Forecasting Methods: Applications in Agricultural Research in India
  • Nutritional Importance of Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables of Sikkim
  • Biopharming: A Technology of the Future
  • Driving Sustainable Progress: A Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis for Holistic Development
  • Biodiversity and Bio Resources-Exploring Nature's Riches