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Business Management Edited Book | Edited Book on Business Management

This edited book on business management titled "Business Management: A New Paradigm" mainly focuses on various topics such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-business, e-finance etc., and the rest are given below in the Scope of the book. This business management edited book will be published with ISBN and DOI numbers after following a proper double blind peer reviewed process. All the chapters of this business management edited book will be published in a very illustrative manner for easy reader understanding. Author can download business management edited books authorship responsibility and copyright form: Click Here

Coverpage of Business Management: A New Paradigm, business management edited book

Invited Topics

  1. The Evolution of Business Management Systems
  2. Embracing E-Learning in Business Management
  3. Navigating the Landscape of E-Commerce
  4. Unraveling the Complexities of E-Business
  5. The Role of E-Finance in Modern Business
  6. Mastering Risk Management Strategies
  7. Exploring Agent-Based Computational Economics
  8. Understanding Artificial Markets
  9. Delving into Derivatives Pricing
  10. Portfolio Management: Balancing Act
  11. Asset Allocation Strategies for Success
  12. Decoding the Stock Market
  13. Forex Market Analysis Techniques
  14. Dynamics and Simulation in Finance
  15. The Art of Financial Modeling
  16. Computational Economics: A New Frontier
  17. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Management
  18. The Rise of Intelligent Management
  19. Reimagining Business Processes with BPR
  20. Strategic Management Essentials

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ISBN: 978-93-5834-248-2

Chief Editor

Dr. B. Subha editor of edited book on business management
Dr. B. Subha

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Department of Management, Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Book Scope

  • Business Management Systems: E-learning
  • e-commerce
  • e-business
  • e-finance
  • risk management
  • agent-based computational economics
  • artificial market
  • derivatives pricing
  • portfolio management and asset allocation
  • stock market
  • forex market analysis
  • dynamics and simulation
  • financial modeling
  • computational economics
  • emotional intelligence
  • intelligent management
  • BPR
  • strategic management
  • entrepreneurship
  • Statistical Modeling: Regression Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis etc.
  • Production: Inventory and Process Management
  • Supply Chain Management etc.
  • Marketing: Strategic Marketing & Planning
  • Product Portfolio
  • Management
  • Consumerization Vs. Customization
  • Strategic Branding in Global Market Place
  • Market Logistics and its importance
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Corporate Communication – Role in Marketing
  • Ethics & Social Responsibility in Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Marketing across the Borders
  • Sensory Branding
  • Importance in Marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Service Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Digital Marketing
  • Distribution: Wholesale
  • retail
  • e-commerce etc.
  • Finance: Finance & Accounting
  • International Finance & Trade
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Derivatives Market
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Money Management
  • Return on Marketing Investments
  • Trends in Consumer Finance Industries etc.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM): HRM and the business environment
  • Organizational HRM
  • Strategic HRM
  • People Management
  • Industrial Relations & Legal HRM
  • Employee Turnover & Attrition
  • Training & Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • IPR Management etc.

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